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Coffee at Archibald's Village Bakery

    Welcome to Archibald’s Village Bakery, a café created for anyone to experience fresh flavors and a relaxing atmosphere. Located in the established and growing neighborhood of North Beach Village, we aim to serve our guests with style and class. Our menu features a light and healthy fare from breakfast items to salads. It includes innovative dishes from around the globe and highlights seasonal local ingredients.

“We want to take all the things we love about our best childhood memories, experiences and share them with you – our customers.”

    If you’re a food lover, Archibald’s Village Bakery is perfect for you. With amazingly delicious, freshly made food, this bakery will leave you speechless. The menu provides many options for you to choose from, making it a perfect spot for anyone to go to no matter their food preferences. Not only is the food delicious, but the atmosphere is very relaxing. Archibald’s Village Bakery is located on Breakers Avenue, just a street away from Fort Lauderdale beach’s beautiful, blue waters. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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